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Anthony Cusimano

Cusimano, Anthony


Chartered Accountant

Aurora / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cusimano, Anthony

Police Officer, York Regional Police. Promoted to Inspector

Police Officer (Inspector)

York Region, Ontario, Canada

Barbara Cusimano

Cusimano, Barbara

College of Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University; Associate Professor, Coordinator: Master of Arts in Teaching - PE Faculty.

Associate Professor

Corvallis, OR, USA

Cusimano, Charles "Chuck"

Judge (Lousiana), former candidate for Louisiana Supreme Court


Louisiana, USA

Charles Vincent Cusimano

Cusimano, Charles Vincent

Louisiana State University, College of Engineering, Hall of Distinction Member. Served on Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors; played in the Cotton Bowl in 1946 and the Sugar Bowl in 1950.


Louisiana, USA

Chris Cusimano

Cusimano, Chris

Post Production Supervisior, Destination Diving. Destination Diving is a television series focused on the fun and excitement of scuba diving and adventure travel.

Produced many on-air broadcast programs and videos, and has also been on-camera talent and host on some of these programs.

Post Production Supervisor

Editor, Storyboard Artist

California, USA

Connie Cusimano

Cusimano, Connie

Senior Administrative Assistant, Kansas State University Department of Chemistry

Senior Administrative Assistant

Kansas, USA

Chuck Cusimano

Cusimano, Chuck

student; athlete (runner)


Metairie, LA, USA

Dan & Diane Cusimano

Cusimano, Dan & Diane

Comics and collectibles

(Brother to Paul Cusimano; see "Cusimano, Paul; and Wu, Lily" below)

(Brother to Tim Cusimano; see "Cusimano, Joseph & Margot" below)

(Son of Joseph & Margot; see "Cusimano, Joseph & Margot" below)

Reston, VA, USA

Daniel Cusimano

Cusimano, Daniel

Architect and President of Daniel Louis Cusimano Architect Inc.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

David Cusimano

Cusimano, David

President, Cusimano.Com Corportion, web designers and computer programmers

Computer Programmer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

David Cusimano

Cusimano, David

Cusimano Air, LLC

Pilot instructor

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

DeDe Cusimano

Cusimano, DeDe

Professional Golfer; winner of the 2001 LPGA T & CP Northeast Sectional Championship; more...

LPGA Professional Golfer

Armonk, NY, USA

Fabio Cusimano

Cusimano, Fabio

Musician (Sicilian & Napolitan mandolin, swing guitar)

Musician & Business

Lyon, France

Cusimano, Fred J.

Fred J. Cusimano Westside Overland Trail , 24-mile hiking trail near Sherman NY.

Sherman, NY, USA

Gean Cusimano

Cusimano, Gean

Real Estate Agent

Apple Valley, CA, USA

George J. Cusimano

Cusimano, George J.

Flight Test Engineering Instructor (National Test Pilot School ), flew the first flight of the B-2 bomber, F-117 first flight, Director of Flight Test - Lockheed Skunk Works, International Vice President of Society of Flight Test Engineers

Flight Test Engineering Instructor; pilot

Mojave, CA, USA

Giacomo (Jack) Cusimano

Cusimano, Giacomo (Jack)

Adamson-Associates Architects
Sr. Contract Administrator


Civil Engineering Technologist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Prof. Giancarlo Cusimano

Cusimano, Prof. Giancarlo

Gruppo Meccanica degli Azionamenti.


Milan, Italy

Cusimano, Glen

Heavyweight Boxer


Kansas City, MO, USA

Gregory Cusimano

Cusimano, Gregory

Attorney and founding partner with Cusimano, Keener, Roberts, Kimberley & Miles, P.C.; author; lecturer; 90% of his practice devoted to Litigation.


Gadsden, AL, USA

Cusimano, Sgt. Gregory

Sergeant Crime Prevention Unit, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Police Department


Indiana, PA , USA

Gus Cusimano

Cusimano, Gus

President, Deerborne Insurance Ltd.

Insurance Broker

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cusimano, Henry



James J. Cusimano

Cusimano, James J.

Retired, Secretary for Catholic Education and Superintendent of the Office of Education of the diocese of Allentown (PA). Dr. Cusimano was responsible for the fifth largest school system in the state, which today serves 18,483 students in 52 pre- and elementary schools, 9 high schools, and 3 special learning schools. He also oversaw parish religious education programs that teach another 17,822 students.


Allentown, PA, USA

Jennifer Cusimano

Cusimano, Jennifer

Professional Portrait Photographer specializing in newborn, baby and child photography. (Wife to Kelly Cusimano; see "Cusimano, Kelly" below).


Houston, TX, USA

Cusimano, Jesse

Musician; more...


Joe Cusimano

Cusimano, Joe

Amateur Radio Operatior, VE3OV; ARES District Emergency Coordinator, Greater Toronto Area

District Emergency Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cusimano, Joe

Rancho Cucamonga Police Department, Chief of Police

Chief of Police

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

Cusimano, Joe

Vice-President Sales & Marketing for CygNet Software

San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Cusimano, John

Owner of film company Watch Entertainment - a theatrical, home video/DVD, and television distribution and production company located in the Tribeca Film Center in downtown Manhattan.

Owner of film company

New York, NY, USA

Cusimano, John

Entertainment lawyer and member of the band "The Cringe". Husband of Food Network hostess Rachael Ray.

Entertainment lawyer, Musician

New York, USA

Joseph Cusimano

Cusimano, Joseph

Artist; Metaphysical Surrealist
Il Risveglio dell'Inconscio (The Awakening of the Subconscious)


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Joseph (Jay) Cusimano

Cusimano, Joseph (Jay)

Attorney, Kaman & Cusimano, Legal advisors for Ohio Condominium and Home Owner Associations.


Ohio, USA

Cusimano, Judith

English Teacher, St. Pius X High School, Texas


Texas, USA

Kelly Cusimano

Cusimano, Kelly

Houston Residential Architect. (Husband to Jennifer Cusimano; see "Cusimano, Jennifer" above).


Houston, TX, USA

Dr. Kim Cusimano

Cusimano, Dr. Kim

Mental skiils coach, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology; operates a private practice devoted to sport and health and is a consultant for the UC Davis Sports Medicine Center in Sacramento, CA.


Sacramento, CA, USA

Cusimano, Krissie

Student; athlete (runner)


Metairie, LA, USA

Cusimano, Landon

Councilman, Slidell Lousiana City Council


Slidell, LA, USA

Leanne Cusimano

Cusimano, Leanne

Owner of Amore Breakfast restaurant


Ogunquit, Maine, USA

Lisa Cusimano

Cusimano, Lisa

Firefighter, New York City Fire Department (FDNY). Featured in Jockey "what's underneath" advertising campgaign: Meet Lisa Cusimano, a Firefighter. YouTube video: Show "Em What's Underneath: Lisa Cusimano.


New York, NY, USA

Cusimano, Louis (Lou)

Former Senior Executive with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Aviation Consultant

Washington, DC, USA

Maria Concetta Cusimano

Cusimano, Dr. Maria Concetta

Laureata in scienze politiche con indirizzo politico-sociale all'università degli studi di Palermo e successivamente specializzata in metodi e tecniche della ricerca sociale e politiche sociali. Professione sociologa.


Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Maryann Cusimano Love

Cusimano Love, Maryann

Maryann Cusimano LoveDr. Maryann Cusimano Love is an award winning international educator and New York Times Best Selling author.

Dr. Maryann Cusimano Love teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in globalization, terrorism, security, non-state actors, ethics and U.S. foreign policy at both the Pentagon and Catholic University (where she is a tenured professor in the Politics Department).


Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Cusimano, Matt

Middleweight Boxer


San Jose, CA, USA

Dr. Michael Cusimano

Cusimano, Dr. Michael

Neurosurgeon, St. Michael's Hospital (Toronto); Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto,Toronto, Ontario.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mick Cusimano

Cusimano, Mick

Cartoonist; your Professor of Surrealism


Cambridge, MA, USA

Mike Cusimano

Cusimano, Mike

Realtor; founder and Team Leader of The Premiere Team, ranked in the top 1% of Realtors nationally; Austin TX; click on photo at website.

Real Estate

Austin, Texas, USA

Cusimano, Patricia

Freelance writer


Salisbury, Maryland, USA


Cusimano, Paul

Actor, appeared in several episodes of the TV Sitcom "Frasier", 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999.


Margot and Joseph Cusimano

Cusimano, Margot & Joseph

(Parents to Dan Cusimano; see "Cusimano, Dan and Diane" above)

(Parents to Paul Cusimano; see "Cusimano, Paul; and Wu, Lily" below)

(Parents to Tim Cusimano)

Tim Cusimano, and mother Margot Cusimano

Tim (-1984),
and mother Margot

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Paul Cusimano, and Lily Wu

Cusimano, Paul; and Wu, Lily

(Brother to Dan Cusimano; see "Cusimano, Dan and Diane" above)

(Brother to Tim Cusimano; see "Cusimano, Joseph & Margot" above)

(Son of Joseph & Margot; see "Cusimano, Joseph & Margot" above)

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Cusimano, Pete & Jerry

Famous for starting the tradition of throwing of octopi onto the ice at Detroit Red Wings hockey games during 1952 Stanley Cup Finals. more...

Detroit, MI, USA

Peter Cusimano

Cusimano, Peter

Peter Cusimano, Barrister & Solicitor - practices Corporate & Commercial law

Lawyer (Barrister & Solicitor)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Richard C. Cusimano

Cusimano, Dr. Richard C.

Professor of History, Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette

Professor (History), Univ. of Louisiana

Louisiana, USA

Cusimano, Dr. Robert James

Cardiovascular surgeon

Cardiovascular Surgeon, Toronto Hospital-General Division Associate Staff

Cardiovascular Surgeon, Hospital for Sick Children

Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cusimano, Russ

Operations improvement consultant with over twenty years experience designing high performance business processes and organizations


Austin, Texas, USA

Cusimano, Dr. Salvator


Doctor (ear, nose, throat)


Capt. Samuel Bolden Cusimano

Cusimano, Capt. Samuel Bolden

Captain (ret.) - United States Air Force; Vietnam War Veteran, released POW, co-pilot B-52 Bomber; Birmingham, AL, USA; more...

Captain; airforce co-pilot

Birmingham, AL, USA

Cusimano, Santino

Computer programmer

Computer Programmer


Cusimano, Scott & Debbie

Gym Owner

St. Charles, MO, USA

Cusimano, Tammy

To be honored at the 28-Oct-2010 American Red Cross Heroes of Adams and York Counties awards breakfast. Cusimano was nominated and selected after she pulled an elderly patient from a burning building in Springfield Township.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Dover Township, PA, USA

Thomas W. Cusimano Jr.

Cusimano, Thomas W. Jr.

Attorney; partner of Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP, and a member of the firm's commercial litigation department; former District Attorney in Broome County, NY; Binghamton, NY.


Binghampton, NY, USA

Cusimano, Dr. Tracie M.



Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Dr. Theresa Cusimano

Cusimano, Dr. Theresa

Excutive Director, Colorado Campus Compact


Denver, Colorado, USA

Cusimano & Associates

Consultants to businesses to hospital-sponsored medical fitness centers

San Antonio, TX , USA




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